LXF:: Putting the new Ubuntu to the test!

October 31, 2008

And this is what we have all been waiting for!

The latest Ubuntu 8.10, Interpid Ibex had just been released!

New GNOME applications and tool updates are ready for you to experience!

LinuxFormat has put the new Ubuntu to the test and ready for you to experience the new features!

Click here!


Turn Your Ubuntu Hardy to Mac OSX Leopard

October 29, 2008

Can you actually stand the plain old Ubuntu skin?

Are you impressed with the latest Mac OSX skin?

Well, now I’ll show you how to change this Ubutu Desktop….


Into this….


Find out how! Click this link!

Linux Mint – Official TransLXP Review

October 20, 2008

Mint Linux is Ireland’s adoption of the popularary known distribution Ubuntu. Its aim is to develop Ubuntu into full featured distribution. The first thing you see is its amazing elegant interface which had been massively developed and revised. It had added its own Mint Tools in replacement of some of Ubuntu’s navigational systems. Mint also had all the codecs installed beforehand. Its latest release is Elyssa which is based on Ubuntu’s 8.04 Hardy Heron. Mint’s website can be found here. When I first saw the Mint, I was like, “Wow! What a beautiful desktop”, and you would think the same. I immediately got it downloaded right after I explored its website. Then of course, I burnt it to a disc. I got so excited, I removed the existing Ubuntu and without even messing around with its live cd mode, i instantly got it installed on my machine. Done! As simple as Ubuntu’s installer. When I first messed around. It was like experiencing the new Linux. MP3, flash and other codecs where already there. So I didn’t have to waste time downloading it. Compiz fusion is enabled on defualt. And one thing I loved about Linux mint it’s the Mint Menu which looked similar to openSUSE’s Gome Menu. I think it is very clever. But after several hours. I got I removed, and of course, I reinstalled Ubuntu. Why?! Linux mint is good. Overal all. But Ubuntu’s much better. Firstly, when the installer finalises, it prompted me to add the “Fortune message” everytime I start Terminal. And the box is already checked. So, I didnt even know what it was, so I just left the choice as it was. And it was absolute madness. The jokes aren’t even funny. It’s absolute trash. So I went to Mint’s wiki and find ways to get it removed. It told me to execute a terminal command. I did. What the terminal command does is that it poped up a text file with instructions on how to remove it. It’s like two pages with tens of commands I have to execute. So I gave up. The next feature I hated was the Mint installer. It had removed Ubuntu’s simple add/remove feature and replaced it with this one instead. It’s absolute rubbish. When you click on this programme, a small window pops up with a single search bar. So you have to type the name of the application you want to install into the search bar. Then what happens is that Firefox pops up and it searches the name through the website and what you have to then do is download the package of the website. Poo! The other feature it removed is the directories. I don’t know what it had done that but it removed the Pictures, Music and Videos folders, leaving with just Documents folder. Why had it dont that?! Well, Mint isn’t that bad for a Linux distribution. It still keeps Ubuntu’s easy features, but just removed some of them, replacing it with its own style tools. It’s ranked in the 5th place on Distrowatch. It is still a distribution to go for beginners. So If you like its great interface, simplicity and if you can live without some easier features, Mint is for you. Screenshots: https://i2.wp.com/www.linuxmint.com/img/screenshots/elyssa/small/grub.png Mint’s bootlooder https://i2.wp.com/www.linuxmint.com/img/screenshots/elyssa/small/usplash.png Mint’s loading screen https://i0.wp.com/www.linuxmint.com/img/screenshots/elyssa/small/gnome.png Mint’s default desktop https://i1.wp.com/www.linuxmint.com/img/screenshots/elyssa/small/mintupdate.png Mint’s update manager https://i1.wp.com/www.linuxmint.com/img/screenshots/elyssa/small/mintinstall.png Mint’s pacakge manager https://i0.wp.com/www.linuxmint.com/img/screenshots/elyssa/small/mintmenu.png

Lubi – Linux based Ubuntu Installer

October 17, 2008

Ever heard of Wubi? The Windows based Ubuntu Installer?

Don’t have Windows?

Well, I’ll show you how to get a clone of Wubi but built for Linux!
Click this link.






openSUSE – Official TransLXP review.

October 12, 2008

NOTE: I’ve tried openSUSE 11 3-4 months ago and haven’t wrote a review on this…So I guess it’s isn’t too old to do a review on this. On this post, I’ll be reviewing both openSUSE KDE and GNOME.

openSUSE is founded by Novell. It aims at simplicity and performance, but doesn’t spend much time maintaining it or reasearching on what customers need. It creates softwares but once it’s done creating it, it stops maintaining it and think of ways to imporve and it doesn’t care about interface. This is openSUSE’s main downfall. openSUSE is pretty much easy to use, but often tries to be complicted. It tries to improve the distribution but doesn’t seem to have spent too much time on this. You get a lot of bugs, but you can search through this great community forum asking experts about what you should do. This is the best bit about openSUSE. Its user friendly community.

openSUSE comes in 4seperate CDs or a DVD version. This is also annoying for users. Because either ways, it takes damn long to download. The DVD is the most preferred option. Although, it downloads smoothly. Once you got the DVD, you test it out. But openSUSE takes so long to boot up. Well, booting isn’t a problem though. OK, i’ve tried openSUSE, let’s install it. I wanted to dual boot windows and openSUSE. If you ever thought of that, you’ll realise that you wouldn’t ever manage to do it yourslef without any knowledge or any reasearch. And if you went ahead and install it, you’ll end up replacing Windows with openSUSE. This is when the community becomes part of the distribution. I’ve actually spent 2 weeks researching and asking for help. The community tries to help you. They directed me to a post telling you how to manage the partitions and stuff, but since I’m a newbie, I don’t get a s*** of what they’re trying to tell me. My first question was “Can you simplify it?” and it took me the whole week asking questions on what they’re meant. So…I GIVE UP!!! It even gave me a headache!! So I went to LinuxFormat and ask the community there. I wrote a post explaning my troubles and inform them of how much time I’d wasted on openSUSE’s forums. A smart guy came and explains everything in just one sentence or two. Thank him!

When dual booting openSUSE with Windows, you have to actually manage the partition yourself…You have to create a sepearate partition for openSUSE and go through all that trouble. Ubuntu does it automatically. This is not for an average user. And anyways, I didn’t end up installing it. It’s not worth it anyways.

My final notes is that openSUSE wouldn’t be too good for both starters and experts. It doesn’t maintian the software, it doesn’t look for customers needs. If you’re interested in openSUSE, spend a LOT of time researching it, asking for people’s opinions then, once you’ve decided check out the openSUSE community of LinuxFormat asking for information and help. You you don’t want to dual boot, you shouldn’t have any problems installing it. Just keep the defualt options…But I strongly recommend you to always ask them what’s going on.


https://i0.wp.com/files.opensuse.org/opensuse/en/thumb/2/24/OS11.0-plasma.jpg/800px-OS11.0-plasma.jpg openSUSE KDE 4.1 https://i2.wp.com/files.opensuse.org/opensuse/en/thumb/5/5b/OS11.0beta1-gnome0.png/800px-OS11.0beta1-gnome0.png openSUSE GNOME

Why smart people uses Linux

October 12, 2008
I can give you reasons why Linux is a lot better than Windows or Mac and why only smart people tend to use Linux and not other people.

I do a lot of research. That’s how I realise the importance of Linux and how it’s better than other operating systems.

Other people doesn’t research. So they stick with their usual operating system they’ve been using for 10 years or so..Windows. People like that just follow the word of mouth.

Only researchers switch. Only researcher wants something new, better. Only smart people researches.

Only a few people get the idea of open source.

Now, what is open source? Open source softwares are softwares that are first of all, free and secondly, open to other developers. Which means it releases the codings and the actual project for other people or companies to develop the existing software into their own modification.

And that’s what Linux is…It’s open source.

Now, Windows and Mac are not open source. Which means only Microsoft builds Windows, only Apple builds Mac and no other companies are allowed to develop their software.

That’s why I like idea of open source. It is much more professional and more innovative. Here are the reasons:

Take Microsoft and Apple as an example. Each company has only one view and one objective. Microsoft aims for business work and only business work, Apple aims for graphics designs and editing and only that.

In open source projects, however, different people and different companies help build the software. Different people with different ideas helps create the software. The ideas are shared out, liking people’s mind together. This is more ideal because it gives the average users what they need.

Desktop environment companies such as GNOME, KDE and XFCE, build the skeleton of the distribution. Then, each distribution company gets that desktop environment and builds them into a full featured operating system.

When that is built, eventually, other people with different ideas get that operating system and modified it into the way they like and the way they want them to be. And that’s how Linux works. I don’t know what the first Linux distribution ever is, but I know that the distribution created after that uses the existing distribution to do further developments. And it’s happening all the time. Ubuntu, a famous Linux distribution was built on top of Debian, then Linux Mint modified Ubuntu into a different distribution. This creates a link between each distribution. New ideas are created and developed.

And this is why I think a shared out idea would be much more innovative and creative than just one company building it.

Hope this message helps.
Think Linux.

5 Resons in switching to Firefox

October 12, 2008

The new Firefox 3.0 is a major release. It’s bundled with features and also added security features. I personally think that FF is probably the best browser so far. And here are the main reasons…

1) Tabs features
– Accidentally closed a tab…You can always “undo close tab”
– Flooded with unnecessary tabs?…try “close other tabs”

2) Keyword search
This features allows you to search through a website by adding a keyword on a search box. Take Google as an example…you can add a keyword to the Google search box by rightclicking, lets take “g” as the keyword…Now when you’re on a random site, type on the address bar, “g random” and it will automatically search google for random without visiting a site.
Please note that this feature only works when you see a search box.

3) Ad-ons: Extensions and themes
– Get tonnes of extensions and plugins off addons.mozilla.org…Add features to customise your browser.
– Hate the look of FF? Try searching through hundreds of different themes for FF..

4) “Close and Save” feature
If you’re in the middle of a 50 page article on the internet and don’t want to print because of environment issues…Firefox can “save and close” the page and remember the paragraph you’re on. Making sure that next time you open FF, you’re always on the right paragraph.

5) Download safeguard: BEST FEATURE EVER
Now, if you’re new to FF, you’re probably wondering about this. Whenever you download a file on FF, while you’re downloading (IOW: download not completed), it creates a .part file on the folder you’re downloading the file to…Now this is very clever.

Imagine you’re downloading “IE suck.jpg” and you accidentally run IE update, and because of that, Microsoft (IE) hates FF so much, it crashes Firefox. Download stops at 99.9999999999999999% Then you got so angry, you deleted IE. You opened Firefox back again and got a message “Download error, file corrupted” (something like that), you go to the download menu, right click on the corrupted download file and click “Retry”. Your download amazingly resumes at exactly 99.9999999999999999%. This works because the .part file contains “parts” of the unfinished downloaded file. This is like a backup feature on firefox…Clever indeed!

There are not only these 5 features, there are millions!! But these are one of the best features on Firefox, showing you as an example. So I hope just 5 features helps you!

Think Firefox!