5 Resons in switching to Firefox

The new Firefox 3.0 is a major release. It’s bundled with features and also added security features. I personally think that FF is probably the best browser so far. And here are the main reasons…

1) Tabs features
– Accidentally closed a tab…You can always “undo close tab”
– Flooded with unnecessary tabs?…try “close other tabs”

2) Keyword search
This features allows you to search through a website by adding a keyword on a search box. Take Google as an example…you can add a keyword to the Google search box by rightclicking, lets take “g” as the keyword…Now when you’re on a random site, type on the address bar, “g random” and it will automatically search google for random without visiting a site.
Please note that this feature only works when you see a search box.

3) Ad-ons: Extensions and themes
– Get tonnes of extensions and plugins off addons.mozilla.org…Add features to customise your browser.
– Hate the look of FF? Try searching through hundreds of different themes for FF..

4) “Close and Save” feature
If you’re in the middle of a 50 page article on the internet and don’t want to print because of environment issues…Firefox can “save and close” the page and remember the paragraph you’re on. Making sure that next time you open FF, you’re always on the right paragraph.

5) Download safeguard: BEST FEATURE EVER
Now, if you’re new to FF, you’re probably wondering about this. Whenever you download a file on FF, while you’re downloading (IOW: download not completed), it creates a .part file on the folder you’re downloading the file to…Now this is very clever.

Imagine you’re downloading “IE suck.jpg” and you accidentally run IE update, and because of that, Microsoft (IE) hates FF so much, it crashes Firefox. Download stops at 99.9999999999999999% Then you got so angry, you deleted IE. You opened Firefox back again and got a message “Download error, file corrupted” (something like that), you go to the download menu, right click on the corrupted download file and click “Retry”. Your download amazingly resumes at exactly 99.9999999999999999%. This works because the .part file contains “parts” of the unfinished downloaded file. This is like a backup feature on firefox…Clever indeed!

There are not only these 5 features, there are millions!! But these are one of the best features on Firefox, showing you as an example. So I hope just 5 features helps you!

Think Firefox!


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