openSUSE – Official TransLXP review.

NOTE: I’ve tried openSUSE 11 3-4 months ago and haven’t wrote a review on this…So I guess it’s isn’t too old to do a review on this. On this post, I’ll be reviewing both openSUSE KDE and GNOME.

openSUSE is founded by Novell. It aims at simplicity and performance, but doesn’t spend much time maintaining it or reasearching on what customers need. It creates softwares but once it’s done creating it, it stops maintaining it and think of ways to imporve and it doesn’t care about interface. This is openSUSE’s main downfall. openSUSE is pretty much easy to use, but often tries to be complicted. It tries to improve the distribution but doesn’t seem to have spent too much time on this. You get a lot of bugs, but you can search through this great community forum asking experts about what you should do. This is the best bit about openSUSE. Its user friendly community.

openSUSE comes in 4seperate CDs or a DVD version. This is also annoying for users. Because either ways, it takes damn long to download. The DVD is the most preferred option. Although, it downloads smoothly. Once you got the DVD, you test it out. But openSUSE takes so long to boot up. Well, booting isn’t a problem though. OK, i’ve tried openSUSE, let’s install it. I wanted to dual boot windows and openSUSE. If you ever thought of that, you’ll realise that you wouldn’t ever manage to do it yourslef without any knowledge or any reasearch. And if you went ahead and install it, you’ll end up replacing Windows with openSUSE. This is when the community becomes part of the distribution. I’ve actually spent 2 weeks researching and asking for help. The community tries to help you. They directed me to a post telling you how to manage the partitions and stuff, but since I’m a newbie, I don’t get a s*** of what they’re trying to tell me. My first question was “Can you simplify it?” and it took me the whole week asking questions on what they’re meant. So…I GIVE UP!!! It even gave me a headache!! So I went to LinuxFormat and ask the community there. I wrote a post explaning my troubles and inform them of how much time I’d wasted on openSUSE’s forums. A smart guy came and explains everything in just one sentence or two. Thank him!

When dual booting openSUSE with Windows, you have to actually manage the partition yourself…You have to create a sepearate partition for openSUSE and go through all that trouble. Ubuntu does it automatically. This is not for an average user. And anyways, I didn’t end up installing it. It’s not worth it anyways.

My final notes is that openSUSE wouldn’t be too good for both starters and experts. It doesn’t maintian the software, it doesn’t look for customers needs. If you’re interested in openSUSE, spend a LOT of time researching it, asking for people’s opinions then, once you’ve decided check out the openSUSE community of LinuxFormat asking for information and help. You you don’t want to dual boot, you shouldn’t have any problems installing it. Just keep the defualt options…But I strongly recommend you to always ask them what’s going on.

Screenshots: openSUSE KDE 4.1 openSUSE GNOME


One Response to openSUSE – Official TransLXP review.

  1. gentoopebble says:

    Good post, mate. Normally I wouldn’t say this about any Linux distro, by I actually HATE OpenSUSE. I tried it live a fair amount, but for once I had no interest in revisiting it. It may be purely opinion, but I think it just sucks.

    I’m wondering, is there any particular reason someone might actually want to use openSUSE? I just don’t get it. They can start improvements by throwing out that awful menu. Even Linux Mint has a better menu!

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