Why smart people uses Linux

I can give you reasons why Linux is a lot better than Windows or Mac and why only smart people tend to use Linux and not other people.

I do a lot of research. That’s how I realise the importance of Linux and how it’s better than other operating systems.

Other people doesn’t research. So they stick with their usual operating system they’ve been using for 10 years or so..Windows. People like that just follow the word of mouth.

Only researchers switch. Only researcher wants something new, better. Only smart people researches.

Only a few people get the idea of open source.

Now, what is open source? Open source softwares are softwares that are first of all, free and secondly, open to other developers. Which means it releases the codings and the actual project for other people or companies to develop the existing software into their own modification.

And that’s what Linux is…It’s open source.

Now, Windows and Mac are not open source. Which means only Microsoft builds Windows, only Apple builds Mac and no other companies are allowed to develop their software.

That’s why I like idea of open source. It is much more professional and more innovative. Here are the reasons:

Take Microsoft and Apple as an example. Each company has only one view and one objective. Microsoft aims for business work and only business work, Apple aims for graphics designs and editing and only that.

In open source projects, however, different people and different companies help build the software. Different people with different ideas helps create the software. The ideas are shared out, liking people’s mind together. This is more ideal because it gives the average users what they need.

Desktop environment companies such as GNOME, KDE and XFCE, build the skeleton of the distribution. Then, each distribution company gets that desktop environment and builds them into a full featured operating system.

When that is built, eventually, other people with different ideas get that operating system and modified it into the way they like and the way they want them to be. And that’s how Linux works. I don’t know what the first Linux distribution ever is, but I know that the distribution created after that uses the existing distribution to do further developments. And it’s happening all the time. Ubuntu, a famous Linux distribution was built on top of Debian, then Linux Mint modified Ubuntu into a different distribution. This creates a link between each distribution. New ideas are created and developed.

And this is why I think a shared out idea would be much more innovative and creative than just one company building it.

Hope this message helps.
Think Linux.


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