Linux Mint – Official TransLXP Review

Mint Linux is Ireland’s adoption of the popularary known distribution Ubuntu. Its aim is to develop Ubuntu into full featured distribution. The first thing you see is its amazing elegant interface which had been massively developed and revised. It had added its own Mint Tools in replacement of some of Ubuntu’s navigational systems. Mint also had all the codecs installed beforehand. Its latest release is Elyssa which is based on Ubuntu’s 8.04 Hardy Heron. Mint’s website can be found here. When I first saw the Mint, I was like, “Wow! What a beautiful desktop”, and you would think the same. I immediately got it downloaded right after I explored its website. Then of course, I burnt it to a disc. I got so excited, I removed the existing Ubuntu and without even messing around with its live cd mode, i instantly got it installed on my machine. Done! As simple as Ubuntu’s installer. When I first messed around. It was like experiencing the new Linux. MP3, flash and other codecs where already there. So I didn’t have to waste time downloading it. Compiz fusion is enabled on defualt. And one thing I loved about Linux mint it’s the Mint Menu which looked similar to openSUSE’s Gome Menu. I think it is very clever. But after several hours. I got I removed, and of course, I reinstalled Ubuntu. Why?! Linux mint is good. Overal all. But Ubuntu’s much better. Firstly, when the installer finalises, it prompted me to add the “Fortune message” everytime I start Terminal. And the box is already checked. So, I didnt even know what it was, so I just left the choice as it was. And it was absolute madness. The jokes aren’t even funny. It’s absolute trash. So I went to Mint’s wiki and find ways to get it removed. It told me to execute a terminal command. I did. What the terminal command does is that it poped up a text file with instructions on how to remove it. It’s like two pages with tens of commands I have to execute. So I gave up. The next feature I hated was the Mint installer. It had removed Ubuntu’s simple add/remove feature and replaced it with this one instead. It’s absolute rubbish. When you click on this programme, a small window pops up with a single search bar. So you have to type the name of the application you want to install into the search bar. Then what happens is that Firefox pops up and it searches the name through the website and what you have to then do is download the package of the website. Poo! The other feature it removed is the directories. I don’t know what it had done that but it removed the Pictures, Music and Videos folders, leaving with just Documents folder. Why had it dont that?! Well, Mint isn’t that bad for a Linux distribution. It still keeps Ubuntu’s easy features, but just removed some of them, replacing it with its own style tools. It’s ranked in the 5th place on Distrowatch. It is still a distribution to go for beginners. So If you like its great interface, simplicity and if you can live without some easier features, Mint is for you. Screenshots: Mint’s bootlooder Mint’s loading screen Mint’s default desktop Mint’s update manager Mint’s pacakge manager


One Response to Linux Mint – Official TransLXP Review

  1. J says:

    >>So I went to Mint’s wiki and find ways to get it removed. It told me to execute a terminal command. I did. What the terminal command does is that it poped up a text file with instructions on how to remove it<<

    The only thing you have to do is follow these very easy steps. I did it in like 10 seconds.

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