Site Renovation

This blog site will be developing for a complete new change.

Things that are changing:

  1. This site is adopted to only inform you, linux information and news.
  2. Things that can be done on multiple operating systems, including linux is included.
  3. Narrowing down topic, means easier researching, therefore, more posts.
  4. An “TransLXP Linux Magazine” will be made 1-2 times each year.
  5. There will be an added “Distros” page on the bar. “My Current Distro”, “Distros I’ve recently tried”, “All distros I’ve tried” and “Recommended Distros” will be on this page.
  6. The Categories will be updated. New narrowing down categories will be up.
  7. As you can see, site links related to linux is up.
  8. Site slogan will be changed.
  9. Site logo may be changed.

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