Linux Mint Felicia – Official TransLXP Review

Linux Mint Felicia:: Not impressive

The latest Linux Mint, Felicia had been released a couple of weeks ago. Overall, after experiencing new features and tools, they’re not impressive.

Well, the best thing they’ve improved so far was the mintInstall, Linux Mint package installer. It had been transformed into a professional installer, easy to use for all of us and not having to go through the hassle of downloading the package off the internet.

The second best improvement was the mintupload, now allowing us to upload a file onto our own server.

They have added two new softwares, Giver – An easy file sharer and Gufw – a lightweight firewall. But the Mint team hadn’t done any goods on those softwares. They just simply added them in.

Now, on to the “bad part”. They had added mintNanny which is an extremely lightweight parental control system. From the description from the mint website, it seems like this tool had been made by a four-year old. Why? It looks too simple and it isn’t very mature.

And quoting from the website:

When you “block” a domain in mintNanny it basically adds an entry to your /etc/hosts file and defines that domain’s IP address as being This results in your computer not being able to communicate with the domain anymore.

  • You can’t block domains for particular users or particular programs, the block is for everyone on the computer and for any protocol.
  • Remember that mintNanny blocks domain names, not IP addresses so if your children are smart enough to ping the domain from another computer they’ll be able to access it via its IP address.
  • Certain domains use subdomains and redirect to them so you might have to block them to. For instance if you want to block you might also have to block As a rule of thumb try to access the website after you block it to see if your block was efficient enough.

It just seemes too imature. They just put the ip as being You have to find out yourself if you have to block www. And if you only want to control your child’s account, you have to sacrafise yourself from being blocked to that website as well. Not very mature indeed.

The worse feature though. Since I used to be a Mint fan, when I heard of the release, I rushed towards the downloads and got the iso in 3 hours. I burnt it into a disc, insert it….and…..nothing happened. You can’t upgrade from older versions. I posted a thead on the Mint’s site and they told me that this RC hasn’t got the upgrader plannted in yet. It will be released on RC2!? What?! For f** sake! RC1 is for mature, stable, ready to use!!! They should’ve released that in BETA!

And up until now, there is no sign of RC2. Anyway, after getting completely bored with the distro. I’ve switched back to openSUSE. (bye bye Mint). If you’d like to give Mint a try, you can. It’s stable since it’s Ubuntu-based.


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