Choosing your linux

December 11, 2008

Don’t have much experience on linux?
Don’t have much time trying out?

Well, if so, you’ll love searching for the right distribution that suits you in minutes with distribution comaparer and distribution choosers.

Distribution Comparer is a very mature comparer which provides a reasonable amount of information between each of the two distributions. It has some popular choices of distributions for you to choose from. And there’s also ratings from 1 to 10 in each categories.

Desktop Comparer can be found here.

Another mature and reliable option is to go through several questions which will work out and choose the right distribution for you. The questions are very mature and well revised. At the end, you can also explore the features of each distribution.

Distro Chooser can be found here.
Here is an alternative.

Well? What distributions have they recommended me?

I’m an openSUSE user and have been impressed with it for a while, but was openSUSE my number one recommended choice? No…

Well, here are my results.

1. Ubuntu Linux
2. Fedora
3. Debian GNU/Linux
4. openSUSE
5. Mandriva Linux

I got the same results and the same order form both of the choosers. But zegenie just didn’t put Debian on the list.

This is interesting. Fedora and Debian are the only distributions I haven’t actually tried thoroughly. I’ll have to check them out!

Try this yourslef! It’s fun!


Wubi – Simplest way to install Ubuntu.

September 30, 2008

What is Wubi?

Wubi, short for Windows-Ubuntu installer. The simplest way to get Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu Linux installed without burning it to a disc. Great for beginners who does not have any partitioning knowledge and great for those who just want to try out Ubuntu and easily delete it later.

Wubi installs and dual boot between Linux and Windows. You can not remove windows.


  1. The Ubuntu iso image…Download this off the Ubuntu’s website or by torrent.
  2. Windows XP/Vista


  1. Download Wubi from:
  2. Save it to the same location as your Ubuntu’s iso image.
  3. Click Wubi to run it.
  4. Wubi starts. You can now configure your future Ubuntu installation, i.e., you can specify the location of the Ubuntu installation on your Windows partition(s), the size of the Ubuntu installation.
  5. Click Next to start installing Ubuntu
  6. It will take a while to complete.
  7. Once completed, you’ll see this screen prompting to restart.
  8. When the system reboots, you should now see a boot menu from which you can select your Windows system and the new Ubuntu system. Please select Ubuntu and press Enter
  9. Since, Ubuntu is not fully installed yet, the installation will continue…
  10. Once completed, Ubuntu will be on your system, ready for you to boot in.

Everytime you boot your computer, you’ll have a choice to boot into windows or Ubuntu

Deleting Ubuntu

Deleting Ubuntu is as easy as hell.

Wubi allows you to Remove ubuntu like removing any applications.

  1. Go to Control Pannel > Add/Remove
  2. Find Ubuntu and then click Remove..

Done! Ubuntu is now fully deleted! When you boot your computer, the boot screen will not show up and will boot directly on to windows!