Choosing your linux

December 11, 2008

Don’t have much experience on linux?
Don’t have much time trying out?

Well, if so, you’ll love searching for the right distribution that suits you in minutes with distribution comaparer and distribution choosers.

Distribution Comparer is a very mature comparer which provides a reasonable amount of information between each of the two distributions. It has some popular choices of distributions for you to choose from. And there’s also ratings from 1 to 10 in each categories.

Desktop Comparer can be found here.

Another mature and reliable option is to go through several questions which will work out and choose the right distribution for you. The questions are very mature and well revised. At the end, you can also explore the features of each distribution.

Distro Chooser can be found here.
Here is an alternative.

Well? What distributions have they recommended me?

I’m an openSUSE user and have been impressed with it for a while, but was openSUSE my number one recommended choice? No…

Well, here are my results.

1. Ubuntu Linux
2. Fedora
3. Debian GNU/Linux
4. openSUSE
5. Mandriva Linux

I got the same results and the same order form both of the choosers. But zegenie just didn’t put Debian on the list.

This is interesting. Fedora and Debian are the only distributions I haven’t actually tried thoroughly. I’ll have to check them out!

Try this yourslef! It’s fun!


Feed Informer puts RSS on your site.

September 28, 2008

1. Go find the URL of the RSS feed that you want to put in your website (example:

2. Go to, register and put in the URL of the RSS feed. In the Control Panel, you can customise the output.

3. Go to publish digest and choose the type of the code you want to generate (php, javascript, etc)

4. Copy the generated code.

5. Paste the code to where you want the news to come out in your website.

6. Upload the HTML and you are done.